ZTE already sells its mobile Nubia directly in Spain

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There are many chinese brands that manufacture mobiles but some, such as ZTE, are already so well-known in the west for a long time but, even in the middle of 2016, do not have a good distribution platform in our country.

ZTE is one of those brands that is really good and, that in spite of being known for the low-end, manufactures high-end devices of a very good standard. ZTE now, far to follow with this trend, has launched a new store in Europe to sell their range Nubia quickly, accurately and securely.

Tienda ZTE España

The new store of ZTE, the best place to buy the range Nubia

The new store ZTE now sells directly in Mexico, Argentina, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain which means a shorter shipping time, best warranties, but surely a price both increased, which, in addition to the advantages, it should not be a problem.

The web at the moment is available in chinese, Spanish and English and she can buy the Nubia Z9 or the Nubia Z9 Mini, presented recently and surely the Nubian Z11, famous for his screen without frames, comes also to the store a few days after the end of the CES 2016.

The web of Nubia, the best place to buy your ZTE

On the web we also found the My Prague, a terminal not known in Spain until the date. A mobile phone that has a screen of 5.2 inches AMOLED display, processor Snapdragon 610, Qualcomm, 2 or 3 GB of RAM, and a battery very justita of 2200 mAh.

The brand knows that every time the social factor is more important and has also enabled a space on the web for users to share their photographs made in the hands of a ZTE Nubia and organized in different topics. By the time the web is quite green and we hope that in a matter of weeks or months are added all the terminals available in the catalog of ZTE and redressing the mal-distribution of its smartphones in the west, as ZTE is making mobile pretty good but if it is difficult to find and much more complicated to get them there is nothing.

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