Your wallpaper changes according to the weather with this app

Fondo de pantalla según el clima

¿you Want to have a the wallpaper according to the weather? you Already know, that if it rains out drops of rain from behind but if it’s sunny we appear a curious sun-rays that give us want to go out to the street. As you know, this takes battery power because it is dynamic, but if you like, in this article we tell you how to put a wallpaper according to the weather.

the wallpaper according to the weather

Weatherback is one of those apps rare-rare, that will allow us to see the wallpapers in a new way, oriented to climate change (you’ll want it to always be summer). What you get, is to mix your wallpaper with amazing effects, because it will be based on your current location to know the time and so toward the bottom. What we see in the video:

You can simply choose a wallpaper that you like, and depending on the weather you’ll see changes on your screen background, which may falling drops of rain, thunder or pure sun. The effects will be updated as you progress through the day, so they never stay frozen.

The good thing about the app is that the battery consumption is efficient, however, it is normal to eat more if we have a static background. The effects are the best I’ve seen, so just by that you should try the app Weatherback.

we’re Not going to have compatibility problems, since it is compatible with a large part of Android versions. In addition, we can also see all the show from the lock screen.

Download Weatherback in the Play Store

through the Play Store you’ll be able to download Weatherback to have an effect on your wallpaper, it is free. It will be super fun to see how effectively the effects of day change as you progress, and on your favorite background. So you can tell with just a look the day outside. It has it all!

What do you think of this application to animate the weather on your funds? What convinces you?

Download | WeartherBack

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