Your information is worth money and the companies are nourished of it

Each time is valued less our privacy. In the cases in which it is valued also it is difficult to take an absolute control of the same, and the companies know it. To some users it gives them the same companies to dive after them among its data.

Now, privacy is like gold to many companies who then sell our information to third parties in exchange for a lot of money. Yes, our personal information is the currency of change to pay for things that are “free”. There are even services that pay us money in cash for talk about our customs (surveys), for you know what part you push more of the screen or by giving our personal information.


privacy there is that spoiling her, and it is not easy to

What is worse is that privacy requires a lot of care and it is very difficult to have it completely controlled, especially if we are regulars to try new things or services on the web.

in Addition to large firms who do legally, there are also people who dedicate themselves to steal information and then sell it to the highest bidder for a huge amount of money. These people gather information through fraudulent applications, or malware that gets inserted in applications, via web, etc

What value we put to our privacy?

If we are aware of the value of our data we will be able to better choose what data to give, what data not to give and how to give them to large companies. There are applications that have attack against privacy strongly but have not received a great punishment because it is not as valued as it really should.

companies must have safe our data and be transparent with us. Google has a website that allows you to know everything that they know about you and how you treat your data, at least it does so in a transparent manner if it meets with what he says.

Quien te visita en Facebook

On the other side of the scale are the big companies that know virtually everything about us, companies like Facebook can sell that data in bulk without giving concrete data, Facebook knows our habits, our preferences, the places we visited and a lot of things that we probably we have already forgotten.

we can’t put a fair price to our personal information, but as you can see here that is very valuable and should be cared for as such. Our personal information has a lot of value in the market and there is that spoiling her to the maximum.

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