Young people no longer want to use Facebook

los jovenes ya no quieren usar facebook

it Seems that young people are fleeing Facebook and go to other social networks, such as can be Twitter or Instagram. The reason is not clear, but we have our serious suspicions. It is clear that the influences that are more current and perhaps less “serious” in many ways. Are fast, simple and are oriented to rapid publishing or shares of photos, why young people no longer want to use Facebook? analysis:

Analysis: Does Facebook not like among adolescents?

social Networks, such as Twitter or Instagram seem like the most among young people now, and in addition, they also prefer to platforms such as Snapchat to communicate.

Ocultar publicacion Facebook why we said up there that Facebook was more serious?

  • By the presence of adults on the social network faces.

The guys at Facebook have done a social network very complete, the problem is that there are many older people, rather, of all ages. This pulls a little to the back to the young people, who prefer to dive more free by social networks rather than more repressed in a social network where they can be their parents, family members, and even teachers.

On Twitter there are also public of all ages, but it is different. Normally, older people use more Facebook than Twitter, because it is used to share all your photos, create albums, share their experiences in the day-to-day… and Twitter is oriented publications fast, rather than to tell a story through photos.

Something similar happens in Instagram, which is geared to post pictures but way more stiff and fast, not to stand as much as on Facebook. Let’s say that on Instagram, there are comments, but you spend more unnoticed, and that like to among young people to share their things.

The young escape from the older

it Is said that by 2017 Facebook will lose many users. This can happen, but we can’t know. Really, allows us to many things: to play, to meet people, stay in touch… more than other social networks, that are not oriented to look for someone or to play.

Recall that Facebook wanted to even buy Snapchat, but the thing is not finished curdle. We’ll see what happens over the years, but as of now, most young people prefer to avoid Facebook and to escape from that control. What is clear, is that Facebook can open up many doors to find work, so you may want to choose your profile photo from Facebook.

What do you think of Facebook? Do you know young people who do not want to use it?

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