You can use Samsung Pay in your Gear S3 although you do not have a Samsung smartphone

Gear S3 diseño Samsung Gear S3 was presented several months ago, during the IFA 2016, which took place in Berlin. And although it has not been until this week when it has started its marketing in some parts of the world, without a doubt, we are before one of the smartwatches more advanced known so far of the year.

it Is for this reason that many users are eager to launch to the market of this watch with the operating system Tizen from all around the world to be able to getting one as soon as possible, and today, Samsung wanted to inform these potential buyers of a feature, which probably appeals to more than one.

you will Not need a mobile Samsung to use Samsung Pay in your Gear S3

Samsung Pay España China UKAs indicated by the company itself in the official account of Samsung Pay at Twitter, it shall not be necessary to have a smartphone Samsung bound to the clock to be able to use the payment system by NFC of the Korean company, but the Gear S3 can be associated to any Android device whenever and when this count with a version of the operating system higher to 4.4 KitKat, and Samsung Pay will be able to be used without a problem.

What is certain is that this measure has us caught by surprise, because by the time Samsung Pay is only compatible with terminals of the firm itself. For now, yes, it is unknown how this system will work, as though there is not application Samsung Pay that is compatible with Android devices non-Samsung, it will be necessary, somehow, for now, ignore it, enter our banking credentials in the Gear S3.

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Be that as it may, we will wait until we are able to test the new smart watch from Samsung to be able to answer these questions. Still, it’s a good news to know that the payment system of Samsung will work in the Gear S3 with almost all Android devices available today.

And you, do you think to buy a Samsung Gear S3?, what do you think about this news?

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