You can now purchase the OnePlus One uninvited, grab one now!

OnePlus One comprar

The OnePlus One is one of the best Chinese market terminals . Its good features at a knockdown price, made him one of the most desired smartphones. Despite a somewhat complicated beginnings, with problems in shipping and logistics some flaws, the OnePlus One could overcome and quickly positioned itself as the Chinese fashion terminal.

Nevertheless, get one of these terminals was not easy for many . Its scarcity and the need for an invitation to purchase, caused many users to bet on other makes and models. Luckily, one year after it was released, OnePlus One can already buy uninvited, as normal as any other terminal.

From the Blog OnePlus One comes the news. Starting today and forever the OnePlus One may be purchased without the need for an invitation . We do not know if the rumors circulating about a new terminal -this Asian firm if required inviting as we have in the advert has, or simply because demand has started to slow.

Be for any reason whatsoever, and OnePlus One can acquire on their official website -299 euros the 16GB model and 349 at 64 GB, and even spent time and have come to light more models powerful this is a very competitive terminal even in this 2015 .

To top it off, the guys wanted OnePlus give us more reason to purchase your terminal, so we offer all accessories OnePlus One up to 75% off . Kind to offer no?

So if you were hoping to buy a cheap terminal and good features, or simply not conseguĂ­as yourself a treat, do not hesitate, the OnePlus One is waiting. The question we ask is the Asian firm too late to offer the OnePlus One uninvited? What is your opinion?

Buy Link | OnePlus One

And you do you think? Head over to you to acquire OnePlus One uninvited, grab one now! to leave your mark.

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