You can download Disney Crossy Road and cross the road

Disney Crossy Road

When we talk about the industry of games for mobile we can not forget some titles of the most played as Crossy Road. We must not forget that Crossy Road has more than 120 million players and its success is more than proven. If you don’t know the industry of mobile games has already generated more money than the consoles or PC.

Now, to give a breath of fresh air to a very fun game its creators have partnered with Disney to offer a delivery starring Mickey Mouse and other Disney and Pixar characters. Disney Crossy Road is official and it can be downloaded totally free. Having copied the classic Frogger from Konami with a few graphics of the era has been a success impressive.

Disney Crossy Road, crosses the road with the characters of Disney and Pixar

Disney Crossy Road does not add too many new things. In this new title, will continue enjoying this addictive title in which we have to cross the road but this time the road runs through worlds without end we see Mickey Mouse, Toy Store, Zootrópolis, The Lion King, The Haunted Mansion, Enredeados, Breaks Ralph and many more. To all this we must add the great soundtrack enlivened by versions of 8-bit of the songs most talked about Disney.

The gameplay in Disney Crossy Road is exactly the same as in the original title, just cross the road and go dodging the obstacles that we may come to get as far as possible. Yes, the obstacles this time may come from any side so that the challenge is assured and fun as well.

the goal is The same but you have more than 100 characters from Disney and Pixar

The only goal in Disney Crossy Road is the overcome our personal record and collecting figures of the characters in the game (over 100 this time). The figures are released based play games or paying real money now that Disney Crossy Road is free, and usa payments in-app to generate money. I love that Crossy Road has a new release, but I hope not to enter into the dynamic of Rovio and launch new games. Shooty Skies is a title from its creators, but the truth is that it has not had as much impact as Crossy Road and that a copy of the classic 1942.

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If you like this kind of games, you can also try Snake Legends, the classic Snake but with the graphics of Crossy Road is very fun. do You like any of these titles? If for some reason you can’t download the game from Google Play (recommended) here is the APK insurance.

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