You can already download the Launcher of the Google Pixel 3 in the Play Store

The mobile as expected Google have finally been announced and that means that it will update the APK. The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are two terminals which come to renew the way of fame left behind by their predecessors. Yesterday the camera of the Google Pixel 3 could already download for older devices and today, the thing changed a bit because you can download and install the launcher of the devices in terminals Nexus and with Android One.

If we look back we see that Google removed direct access of the voice search that came in the search bar of the Pixel Launcher Android Q. On the other hand, we discovered that I was trying a new shortcut and that was the reason to remove it. The only major change that we see in the APK of the Pixel Launcher is the integration of the search and the icons, in order to have a uniform appearance.

Pixel Launcher: all the changes you have

The changes that have been made are very small and are only touch-ups visual. The most notable is the one that has been seen in numerous leaks of the Pixel 3. And obviously, it is the new integration wizard button (the pill-in the form of a drawer). Another difference is that the icons are adaptive and we will have a consistent experience even in the older applications of our mobile. Also we will notice that the spacing in the Launcher of the applications has grown slightly. For now, we’re not sure why Google went back to add these tools, but remarkably we can see that things are more separated.

There are a few changes in the settings as for example. The space and the size of the area are opaque and there is a small arrow on the pill. However, the main change is in the interface, because when we press to enter split-screen mode, we find something curious. We can see the information or fix the application, that is to say that Google dropped the effect pop-up for a more refined look. This is a slight change that might serve without the problems from our point of view.

is not Currently available for the update in the application Pixel Launcher, but you can download the APK here. And by the way, tell us if you find a difference that we have lost sight of.

Source | XDA

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