Yes, Xiaomi has launched a new washing machine with 8 kg load called Redmi 1A

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If there is one brand that is characterized by make things a little weird on the market that is Xiaomi. One of the things that we saw recently was a massager for the head’s a little strange and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Today we were surprised with a washing machine with a capacity of 8 kg and a price really interesting.

From here you will be able to know all the features of this new Redmi 1A and all of their details, are you curious to know how it will be?

These are all characteristics of the washing machine Redmi 1-Xiaomi

This washing machine is of type top-loading and has several features that are quite interesting and not found in other products. The most important you have below in a summarized way:

caracteristicas lavadora xiaomi redmi 1a

  • it Measures nearly a meter high, half a meter wide and weighs 32 Kg. Its power input is of 310 W. will Only be available in white color.
  • load Capacity of 8 Kg of clothes, the top is transparent, so you can view the status of your wash.
  • Is built on metal PCM with special treatment anti-corrosive, in principle, will withstand the years really well.
  • Several modes of washing, including one for self-cleaning all the circuits of the washing machine.

To be a washing machine is pretty good and fulfills what it promises. It has good capacity of load and it should in principle be very well built. Yes, if there is anything we are missing is that we don’t see too many functions smart but that has a easy explanation: its low price.

funcionamiento lavadora xiaomi redmi 1a

Price and availability of the Redmi 1A

The price to change is a little more than 100 euros what is really good. If there is something that Redmi, the recent sub-brand of Xiaomi, stands out is in the section economic. Goes on sale the day 9 April and if you want to buy it surely you will have it difficult, it is safer to not get out of China at least in the short term.

¿did you like this new washing machine? Do you think that is the height of the competition? don’t leave without letting us your opinion in the comments section 😉

Source | GizmoChina