Xperia M2: Solution to the problems of Lollipop

Xperia M2: Solución a los problemas de Lollipop

¿you Take more than a month suffering from problems in your Xperia M2 by the fault of Lollipop? The solution has already arrived, at least we have communicated to Sony’s own firmware 18.6.To.0.182. In this article, we’ll see how to solve the problems that Lollipop has caused in Xperia M2. You’ll never again have to worry about it because the camera doesn’t work or because the GPS is not going as fast or precise as it should be, now, these problems are in the past:

Solution: Problems of Lollipop on Xperia M2

, The problems of Lollipop is a reality more than evident, however, for a mobile more than others. But tell that to the owners of the Sony Xperia M2, they have suffered many problems after update to Android 5.0 Lollipop. The forums have welcomed these problems, and the solution is already on its way to new update.

Xperia M2: Problemas y soluciones de Lollipop

These are the problems that Lollipop has caused in Xperia M2:

  • Bad camera operation -> bad quality of the pictures taken.
  • malfunction of the GPS -> excess time to get the geolocation.
  • battery Issues -> reduction of autonomy.

Problems that did not exist with KitKat, and that users want to solve. Sony has acknowledged all of these problems, so that the solution to these problems is on its way and comes with a patch.

The solution arrives via OTA

This update is a EET of around 250 MB. The reference is to the following firmware 18.6.To.0.182. What do you notice users after installing the OTA? That the problems go away. In particular, the camera and GPS work without problems, and in the case of the battery, also have noticed better battery, lasts longer the mobile both at rest and in normal use.

What we don’t know, if this update includes some other bug that we didn’t have. We hope not, but you can always consult the forums to find an answer. If you are experiencing these errors on your Xperia M2, we have fixed with this update, we encourage you to download it.

Remember, that already in his day we tell you how to fix Xperia M2 is not turned on So that with these solutions, you won’t have problems (at least a priori) on your M2.

have You managed to solve the problems of the M2? Take advantage of the comments to on these days.

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