Xiaomi shows video of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and the speed of the 5G

On many occasions it has been shown that Xiaomi is an innovative company and obsessed by achieving changes at a technological level. And the 2019 will not be the exception. In the race to launch the first mobile technology 5G, Xiaomi has given the first shows of its operation.

Xiaomi already has been running a mobile with 5G

The spokesperson of the company, Donovan Sung, shared a video via his personal Twitter account where it shows the speed of response that presents the technology 5G when synchronized with a lamp Mijia smart.

Here below you can see the video.

“Very excited to welcome to the era 5G. Our first time combining #IoT and 5G, directly in the home”. Added Donovan Sung in the Tweet.

version 5G of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

the version of The mobile Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G will be equipped with a chip Snapdragon 855 that is complemented with the modem X50 LTE that has the ability to add technology 5G the device.

it Is important to mention that the mobile has a smart antenna of the same company, which allows him to reach speeds of up to 2 Gbps.

¿When will it be available the version 5G of My Mix 3?

not Yet revealed the exact date of the launch, however, it is very likely to appear in the first quarter of next year as they will try to be first with a mobile 5G in the market. A news long awaited by lovers of the Internet of things.

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Source | Xiaomi Today

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