Xiaomi Mi5 or Xiaomi Mi 5S: is it worth the change?

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After that Xiaomi has unveiled the Xiaomi Mi5S the unknowns have been completed. The new Xiaomi Mi5S and Mi5S Plus they have very good looking and the truth is that these devices have caused quite a stir, there are those who expected more of this new phone but we do not understand what more was expected.

Now, you may you have a Xiaomi Mi5, and what you want to change for a Mi5S, is it worth it? The first thing you’ll say is that it is probably best that you do not do it but if you’re going to buy a new and you say what to buy things already change. Stay with us and we will tell you the differences.


how Xiaomi Mi5 or Xiaomi Mi5S?What we choose?

When the Mi5 went on the market our opinion was that it offered a lot but the camera ran short. Yes, in spite of all that his price was a determinant, to find a Mi5 with the hardware of a mobile phone of 600 euro for a price of 270 euros, it was something amazing.

Now, with the departure of the Mi5S the Mi5 will be in a price of 200 euros and the Mi5S will raise its price until the 300 or 370 euros in the first few months with several improvements:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 821.
  • 4 GB of RAM.
  • Screen with a similar quality but with more brightness, up to 600 nits.
  • fingerprint Reader ultrasonic improved.
  • 64 GB of storage as a minimum.
  • Improvements in the camera more than evident.

The truth is that yes it is worth paying more for this Mi5S and more taking into account that the design is still better. Now, the version 5S, Plus has a dual camera best and perhaps that is why the philosophy of Apple we don’t like but is the one that Xiaomi has been caught and the truth is that for something called the Apple of China.

is it worth the change?

The change for the Mi5 is not worth but if you want to buy a new mobile phone yes worth going to for the Mi5S head. In that case, the Mi5S is a good option and if you like mobile big Mi5S Plus is still a better option although the price is not the same. We like to be brief, but in case of doubt as to that are the comments, to ask your concerns.

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