Xiaomi Mi Band 2: Screen, heart rate monitor and very cheap

Mi Band 2 oficial

despite the fact that Xiaomi has not submitted a My Band 2 in the event past now yes it has made official what we already know how will be the new wearable from Xiaomi and the truth is that is very good looking.

The Mi Band 2 is a little different to the previous generation as it brings interesting new features but it is still a ridiculous price for less than 20 euros we will have a bracelet of quantification with heart rate sensor and an OLED screen that serves for more than to give the time. This wearable allows us to measure the sleep, count steps, calories, shows us our progress, etc

Mi Band 2 Precio

Xiaomi Mi Band 2: With OLED display to be more autonomous

we have Already seen this bracelet somewhere and we knew that would be a OLED display. This screen returns you to the My Band 2 a device much more autonomous than before and allows us to see a lot of things without having to go to our phone.

On the screen you can see the steps that you have walked, the calories you’ve spent, our heart beats, distance traveled, and the data relating to the dream. If you are connected to your smartphone, we also alert you of notifications such as messages and call received.

The display of the My Band 2 also shows the time

The bracelet has a design very similar to the above, you can leave the belt to be cleaned or can be swap to other straps different but also has the IP67 against water and dust so that you can use for anything and even to walk under the rain without any problem.

The battery remains one of its strongest points and that is their 70 mAh capacity will give us for 20 days using (we assume that max), according to the times that we use the screen although Xiaomi is often noted for the efficiency of their devices.

Price and launch of the Mi Band 2

The new Mi Band 2 is not more expensive than My Band 1, or My Band 1S despite being launched with more stuff than the previous and will go on sale in China for 20 euros at the exchange, we assume that in Spain it will cost something closer to 25 euros.

To make us with it, we have different stores but until 7 June not begin to sell, as we find it cheaper at the best price we’ll let you know and we’ll tell you where to get it. do You want to have the new Xiaomi Mi Band 2?

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