Xiaomi Mi A2 vs Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite: the war of the mid-range

The mid-range is a real field of battle, where the clear frontrunner is Xiaomi. However, they themselves become the competition, and is precisely that it is mobile good and cheap don’t have the spare. On this occasion, we face two of their mobile more suggestive: the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite and My A2: what is your winner?

Xiaomi Mi A2 or Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, with which you stay?

Before you start, keep in mind that although they are very similar, there is something that you will love one and hate the other: the software. Android Stock or MIUI, the eternal discussion. Although this sums up the entire comparison, let’s take a look at the rest of the aspects before you opt for one or the other too soon:

how Elegance or utility? Is not gold all that glitters

We find ourselves with opposite poles: glass or metal. And is that, which of the two do you prefer? Without a doubt, here premium, in our opinion, your design more refined and the variety of colors found in the My 8 Lite, which is a breath of fresh air among so many designs equal.

we are Not saying that My A2 is a mobile, ugly, or otherwise. However, it is a design that is more functional and standard, that we already have very seen, especially in the thousand different models that have the Xiaomi in the mid-range.

Under the hood: the who’s who of the mid-range

If we raise the hood of these two genuine beasts we find rather the same. The Snapdragon 660 is at the controls of the two, accompanied in both cases 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. For power, without a doubt, you are not going to decide this war.

But not everything ends here, no. We also find in both a stand-alone unit focused on the Artificial Intelligence, which improves the game and the experience in general. Until the battery is really similar: 3.010 mAh in the case of the Xiaomi Mi A2 in front of the 3.350 mAh found in the My 8 Lite.

For the rest: more of the same. Both with 4G Dual-SIM with fingerprint reader at the rear… Hood and it’s over, there’s more where diferenciarles.

Conclusion: what of the two is worth more?

unfortunately, here we can not help you. And is that the final decision to advocate for one or the other is yours, especially in response to the crucial difference that there is between choosing MIUI or Android One, because that on tastes there is nothing written.

however, if we were to decide for one or the other, the answer is rather clear: although on paper the My 8 Lite might seem like a most reasonable option, is My A2 the more going to be pampered by Xiaomi, especially at a software level, where you will receive major updates before anyone else.

And it is that when two mobiles are so evenly-matched, the small details are what end up deciding everything. what would you choose you? Here below I leave the links to buy one or the other.

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