Xiaomi Mi 5 Plus, the first terminal in use of technology Clear Sight of Qualcomm

xiaomi-mi-5s-plus how Many terminals will be presented Xiaomi only this year? The chinese company has excelled, expanding its catalog of incredible phones in quality-price ratio exponentially. And that there are still two and a half months to the end of the year. However, today has our attention one of the latest mobile firm, Xiaomi Mi 5 Plus, which is a real beast as far as specifications are concerned.

however, the majority of users have been attracted by eye-catching dual camera that the device has. Yes, Xiaomi has wanted to join the apparent fashion that is prevalent this year: the phones with dual camera, as the Huawei P9, the LG G5 or the Redmi Pro, the first device from Xiaomi with dual camera. However, and as we have been able to know thanks to PhoneArena, it seems that Qualcomm has also played a key role in this phone.

Xiaomi gives thanks to Qualcomm and its technology, Clear Sight

Qualcomm Snapdragon 821in Addition to providing a higher level of performance, energy efficiency and general improvements over its predecessors, the Snapdragon 821 also provides the platform Clear Sight, which makes real the possibility of enjoying dual camera. So much so, that the own Xiaomi is boasting to be the first manufacturer that incorporates this type of solution.

And it is something for which to be proud, since according to it seems, Clear Sight is designed to that the photos taken with your terminal possessing greater dynamic range, greater detail and less noise in lighting conditions poor. Apparently, Qualcomm offers manufacturers Clear Sight as a platform already prepared to coordinate and manage two cameras: one that captures the full range of colors and other sensor monochrome.

qualcomm-clear-sightThe combination of these two sensors is really interesting. Apparently, the monochrome is able to capture more light, which increases the level of detail and reduces the noise. Once it has been made the photograph, Clear Sight comes into action by running a sort of “fusion” of the two photographs, which leads to improvement is extremely remarkable with respect to competitors with a single-sensor photographic.

in spite of everything, to evaluate the results properly and first-hand, we will wait until we get our unit of the Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus. So, we can see if it is really built-in sensors in this device are as good as the company itself says.

What do you think the Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus?Do you think that is a good option today?

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