Xiaomi Mi 4c: this is the real “flagship killer” than expected



On 22 September, Xiaomi introduced its new terminal the Xiaomi Mi 4c which aims to provide as much as possible at the lowest price, which is common in this brand. In this particular case they have reached their target with more than , since as discussed earlier, this device offers features that can be considered high end a price of lower-middle range .

price lower than its direct competitors

If you look at other terminals that try to push the boundaries of quality / price ratio without losses, we see that the Xiaomi Mi 4c is one of the best, maybe your design is not the best in smartphones but nevertheless is one of the few problems that may arise.


One of the latest handsets presented to provide maximum to minimum price, is OnePlus Two , which, as most know, has some great features and specifications but prices somewhat high compared to Xiaomi. Comparing prices of both phones, we note that the Xiaomi is considerably cheaper than the OnePlus . The approximate exchange our currency, the two terminals at its most complete model cost respectively € 210 and € 399 . Logically when comparing both seen at a glance that the OnePlus has more RAM and internal storage , which justify, in part, the fact that it has a higher price.

Probably the best quality / current price

Crowd of people using mobile for basic tasks and ven need not spend a lot of money to have a top of the range, but on the other hand, do not want to be constantly failing and that sooner eons to open a conversation WhatsApp. So if you’re that kind of people, this smartphone is perfect for you, as it is capable of performing any task without breaking a sweat everyday.

Xiaomi has shown us once again that to provide a terminal with quality components, you need not pay a high price . Clearly, there are elements that are not comparable with those of a top-end terminal, but as for the rest, is entirely comparable to more expensive phones.

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