Xiaomi Meri, the new mid-range from Xiaomi

The guys from Xiaomi has just launched a new device, Xiaomi Meri. It is a terminal mid-range not to waste any, also, have filtering the price, and the design of the device. Xiaomi is a brand that wants to be a leader in the market, because the terminals that launch are very attractive and excellent in quality-price ratio. If you’re looking for a mid-range interesting, you will not be able to lose.

As we read in Playfuldroid, the guys from Xiaomi has introduced a mid-range that as of now we don’t have too much information. But we do know one thing that we’re going to show next:


Xiaomi Meri: Features

Xiaomi Meri equipped with a screen of 5,1 inches. In power, possibly come up with a MediaTek Octa-Core 2,2 GHz with 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB storage. These characteristics have placed him in the average range of terminals Androids.

For the time being we do not have information about the other features, but surely will be leaking little by little, as we hear new rumors. However, rumors indicate that it will come with USB Type-C, a physical button and fingerprint reader, in addition to a release button.

In the photographs we do appreciate the body unibody Xiaomi Meri. Has a design premium and for many it is like the iPhone 7. You can see for yourself the photos and judge, because you don’t have to waste any. It looks good, both in design and in the specifications that we have known.

Is a mid-range very interesting. We show you below to find information about its release, but for now we do not know the price that you may know at some point.

Would be presented at the end of October

rumors indicate that this Xiaomi Meri will be presented at the end of October. When the time comes we will know all the features, which for now remain a mystery. What we know comes to us to confirm that it is a mid range but with a very good design.

we Hope to know soon its price. As will come to the end of this month, sure we will know more details soon, so we’ll keep you informed.

What do you think the terminal Xiaomi Meri?

The post Xiaomi Meri, the new mid-range from Xiaomi

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