Xiaomi has been chosen by LG instead of Samsung for the displays of My Note 2

xiaomi-mi-note-2-destacadaYes, it is true that the owners are showing the brand new Xiaomi Mi MIX as the best thing that has introduced Xiaomi to date, and may take reason, but that is no reason to take away merit to the My new Note 2, one of the devices most anticipated of the year that made act of presence in the day of yesterday at the same event where we could see the miracle of the innovation that is the signature of chinese origin was known.

And one of the details that perhaps more unnoticed has passed with respect to the Xiaomi Mi Note 2, has been the of your screen. If you already do not remember, we met before the first smartphone with curved screen of Xiaomi, who has used a panel OLED flexible to provide for these curvatures to both sides of the screen of the terminal. But, where is the surprise?

Xiaomi passes Samsung

xiaomi-mi-note-2-pantalla-curva-oled-lgI am Not lying if I say that Samsung is not currently going through its best moment. Devices that come out burning, problems in the development of its next flagship as the chip Snapdragon 830 that the signature south Korean should have made, are some of the ingredients that have come together to end up forming one of the worst years for Samsung within its history in the mobile phone.

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And I say, what this all have to do with the display of the new phablet from Xiaomi? a Lot, and it is that, according to the roadmap that we saw yesterday thanks to Phone Arena, which showed both the characteristics of the new My Note 2 as the future Galaxy S8, and as indicated by the company itself in the forum MIUI.com, we see that Xiaomi has past Samsung and has chosen LG as a supplier of panels OLED flexible of its new flagship, which demonstrates the mistrust that currently exists with respect to the company of origin of south korea.

And what is certain is that it’s funny, because Samsung has always been one of the firms that boast some of the technology and the resources needed to carry out the development of flexible panels and include them in their devices, and it is more curious still, when we are aware of the tremendous resemblance in My Note 2 with the late Galaxy Note7. Even so, this time has been LG who has taken the cat to water, and who will produce all and each one of the panels of each unit of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2.

What do you think about this decision on the part of Xiaomi?

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