With 51 years, this is the player most old of all FIFA 19

believe it or not, there is a football player who appeared in FIFA 96 and today remains active in the FIFA 19. It is not necessary to be an expert in mathematics to understand that the age of this person is something last for the football. Today we will tell you the story Kazuyoshi Miura, the player older of the FIFA 19.

Kazuyoshi Miura, also known as “Kazu”, is a footballer born in 1967, aged 51, is the player oldest of all FIFA 19. The japanese, with many years of professional career, has become a legend home of football. It may not be the best player of the moment, but few people can afford the luxury of playing in a professional league after reaching 40 years of age.

The player older of the FIFA 19

When a player exceeds 35 years of age it is inevitable that you consider hanging up their boots. Although there are exceptions, the career of a footballer is very seldom exceeds 40 years of age. However, Kazu is 51 years old and still is an idol of the japanese football.

Kazuyoshi Miura started in the Saints, one of the strongest teams in Brazil. After playing there, he made a pilgrimage by several teams worldwide up to the year 2006 when he arrived at Yokohama FC to set. Wearing the colors of that team, last year Kazu broke a record by being the active player and the oldest to score a goal.

the truth Is, this amazing game of football has yet to come to our smartphones. However, when you arrive you can choose to Yokohama FC to humiliate your friends by scoring with a player of 51 years.

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