With 1 MB you can play 4 games of Clash Royale

it Is likely that play day and night to Clash Royale. Yes, a lot of people are so partial to the game that every time I tell a friend to try it is rare that it does not get caught for days.

Now, how much data do you spend Clash Royale? Well, obviously, Clash Royale spend data as you play but we have done some tests on our tablet with MIUI to see how much data you spend each game, and we’ve removed a few conclusions quite good.

clash royale mejor mazo

how much data do you spend Clash Royale?

The expense is different if we play a game if we play several games. The reason is obvious, when we opened the game Clash Royale you should look for updates of balance, the loading of the environment, etc

If it is to play a normal game spends about data, if only we open the game once and put more of a spin the expenditure data will be each time less. What data we have gathered from the tests that we have done? Let’s sum it up to try to reach a point clear because Supercell does not give accurate data of how much data wastes a game of Clash Royale in addition to sometimes depends a bit on who is the host, where is the opponent, if it is a battle of clans or not, etc

how much data do you spend Clash Royale?

  • Clash Royale spends an average of 250 Kbps per game. This means you spend around 1 MB for each of the four games of Clash Royale.
  • Clash Royale spends an average of 50 Kbps in to open the interface.
  • Clash Royale will spend random data, but very few, if chat or make purchases but that is already an expense that we cannot control.

With this we can deduce that someone who take 5 items a day in Clash Royale goes to spend around 1.3 MB, more or less. If that person has a fee of 1 GB of data or 2 GB, becoming more and more common, so you can play hundreds and hundreds of games. Is more, with this expenditure data will not consume or 50 MB in a month playing 5 games each day so that the data will yield really well.

today, it is ideal to have a good data rate because although Clash Royale does not spend too much other applications such as Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, yes spend lots of data and make good lack, if we tend to get us hooked when we leave the house. Obviously when we play Clash Royale with the WiFi do not spend even a single data rate.

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