Will we have an end game in Clash Royale?

If you play Clash Royale, sure that your goal always was to get to 4,000 trophies. But if you’ve succeeded, now your goal should be to continue to climb up to beat your record each day. But the news that we have heard from the guys of Reddit, is that we could to have an end game in Clash Royale. This would be awesome. I don’t know if it could really be a good idea or a bad one, but it is certainly interesting, and today’s news is especially for the fans of the game.

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End of game Clash Royale

Clash Royale could have a game in the future. If we take a look at the game now, we could say that it does not have an end. That is to say, you can put your troops to the max and win all the challenges.. but you never get to spend the entire game, because it is infinite, so to speak. There will always be someone with more trophies than you over (especially if you live it because there are many players that make or spend per case to be in the first top).

But what is clear, is that everything can change for the better possibly. Especially for users who carry playing since the first day but that may not pass through box for improving your troops, and that therefore, take longer to upload. This is why the team of developers of Clash Royale would be creating a game so that you could spend on the game.

why there is talk of an end game?

Because can come to seem a bit repetitive. Although it is still addictive because every 15 days we have a new letter (usually), many users are a bit out because the top players we could say that they are for free… they are like another level, since many of them live of this thanks to YouTube channels and tournaments.

that is why would be working in create a end of game. Keep in mind that this could be for naught, but it could be interesting… especially for the good players of true that they can’t have their troops to the maximum ta easily.

What do you think you are?

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