Why people are using the drill with your iPhone 7?

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In the past few days has lifted a strange controversy over the Internet, because it seems that there are many people who are using a drill with your iPhone 7. Has circulated as the foam on a rumor that claims that doing a hole in the iPhone 7 you can connect headphones… but this is totally a lie, don’t do it because you are not going to work.

Many users have not come to agree never with the removal of the connector jack. So much so, that a user decided to tear apart an iPhone 7 with a drill to make a sound input and be able to use the headphones. But let’s not do this trick in your house!!! does Not work. The video that has raised controversy is the following and does not have waste any:

why people are using the drill with your iPhone 7?

Maksimuk is a young man who typically post videos, submitting Apple devices to various tests. This youtuber always offers tutorials to their fans, but on this occasion, raised the controversy of many users (especially in the moment in which many users chose to luck, to see if they could design manually your own connect jack.

In the video can be viewed as the guy applies humor and really, it doesn’t encourage users to try it out because it is obvious that it will not work… sole ironic phrases all the time. But many users decided to try our luck (but the joke I came face).

This video posted by the 17th of September, for 13 days, is sweeping in visualizations and have many I like and also I do not like. The problem is that many users attempted to do so in their homes and were left without an iPhone, despite the fact that drilled the same way.

do Not do it, because it does not work

As a conclusion: don’t do it. does Not work. Nor be misled by users who say that it has worked (it is a lie because it might not work never). Many users are joined to the party providing such comments as they did the other hole on top of the camera to have the other connect to headphones.

don’t miss the video because you do not have waste!

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