Why in the cheap mobile does not work well the GPS?

The people we have been asked many times through our website, why is the GPS of my mobile is not going well? why does my phone not allow me to properly play Pokémon Go? This has an explanation even if each time the GPS fails less there are still mobile in the that is going really wrong but the people do not understand the reason.

usually the mobile phones are very cheap, especially those that have a processor MediaTek, have a GPS that works poorly and although currently, there are already mobile for less than 100 euros with a GPS perfectly active there are still some brands and models in which the GPS works poorly in our region and has an explanation very consistent.

MediaTek SoC

why the GPS in some mobile phones, MediaTek is wrong?

In the first place we’re going to put an example, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (with processor Mediatek). This is the “good” example. This mobile phone has a processor MediaTek and a GPS, that is to say, it complies with what we say. Now, in this case the GPS goes perfect but… why in some mobile it is not going well?

The explanation is simple, there are several things that influence:

  • GPS calibrated incorrectly: Some brands manufacture their phones to Asia and that means that the parameters of the GPS can be targeted to this region. That would mean, first, a worse performance of the same. In some cases it can be solved with a simple application and in other cases it is necessary to be root but this is becoming less and less, luckily.
  • Processor is of very low quality: If you have a processor MediaTek Helium, P10, Helium X20, Helio X10, etc, you will notice a great performance on your phone, but if you opt for a processor of low performance or the more corny yes, it is likely that the performance of the phone and the GPS is wrong. This is why the people says that the processor Qualcomm are better, but because normally people use mobile Qualcomm of quality and not the worst on the market.
  • Software is poorly optimized: finally, the manufacturer, is the one that fits all. If you buy from a manufacturer like Xiaomi, Meizu or any other that dota ROM Global to many of your devices, it is likely that you’ll have no problem but if you use a manufacturer that does not sell or think in the west the problems will come, and it is likely that the hardware does not work perfectly due to the poor optimization of the software.

With this we want to to remove this myth that the MediaTek processors are worse because it is not true. Now, the manufacturer must adjust the software to your hardware, and that’s what we noticed when we tested mobile brands that do take care of their software to other manufacturers that don’t care as much as they should and that only come with an Android stock without optimizing, which often function quite poorly.

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