Why don’t you buy a belt to charge the mobile?

Cinturón cargar móvil

Let us place ourselves in situation, you are on the street, are the 6 of the afternoon, you’ve had a morning very busy, you have a mobile (yes, a top-of-range either), and you’re already skimming the low battery power. What do you do?

Currently this is a situation that thousands of people live daily, if you do not depend on the mobile for anything usually you end up coming home with no battery, is the most normal thing, but… what happens if you need the mobile? Obviously you can have an external battery and take it with you everywhere but also there is a better solution, why not integrate that external battery in your belt?

Ion Belt

ION BELT, the belt that you want to be a battery

you can Usually take a pair of trousers (it is a pity that there isn’t a version for the skirt, or a version for women) but the ION BELT have been seen in this solution to all your problems not to be added but that conectarías your mobile to your belt and you could load without problem.

in Addition, the ION BELT takes a few Led indicators that allow you to see the charge remaining on the belt since it only has about 3000 mAh that will allow you to load a normal battery 1 time and something more, normally if you’re going to use while charging you can not come, nor the full load, it all depends on your habits.

The battery is properly integrated in your belt and this is compatible with any mobile phone, you will only have to connect the USB cable to micro USB, USB Type-C or the Lightning from Apple and ready, your phone will begin charging without any problem.

The only problem of the ION BELT is that it is in a project within Kickstarter, and although they are very close to becoming reality need that you join to the cause, to collaborate is not that it is too complicated, the problem is that this belt will cost you $ 80 if you collaborate in the financing phase or $ 130 if you wait to it hits the market in June 2015. What do you think? Is it a good idea to acquire the ION BELT or do you prefer to buy an external battery 2000 mAh for less than 10 euros? The truth is that the price crashes a little bit but since then the idea is very good.

Kickstarter | ION BELT

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