Why are there no applications betting on Google Play and on the iOS App Store?

a Lot of people are wondering why the Apple App Store has apps that allow you to bet and Google Play. Since this is so, when we want to download an app like 888 Poker, TuLotero or a simple application of bets as BetFair or Bet365 we have to resort to the installation of the APK official from the website of the service.

In Apple this is not the case and less evil because of that way any Apple user could bet unless you had a jailbreak and is not something which is so common in iOS. Yes, there are many people who have jailbreak, but the vast majority do not have because this makes your iPhone much less secure. Now, Google Play, over 3 years ago that has banned online gambling (winning money with betting and all type of investments) and that means that there isn’t a single app that allows you to bet.

Google Play

Google Play does not support applications betting

This means that, although you will have to enable the Origins unknown or unknown Sources to download applications of betting does not mean that they are safe. Simply Google doesn’t want applications to betting on Google Play and the great services are obliged to provide you with the application for the alternative method.

When you download an app betting only do it from their official website and never from the markets alternative. It is a council in favour of security. Applications such as TuLotero, Bet365 or applications of the style are usually safe but the best thing is to get the APK from the official website.

why? There is a reason

In Apple applications of this type are allowed, as long as they are free and the service will operate officially in the country in which it launches the app. That is to say, the app should be free (to download) and in addition must be taxed in the country in which it is launched.

Google Play has been much more dramatic but what is certain is that Android users can install these apps easily without being root or without to hack your mobile, you have been as Apple is likely that yes they were allowed. There are applications such as TuLotero that allow us to get 1 euro free to try them, are really helpful.

What I see are applications that allow us to view the results but not applications that allow us to bet, that is why there are applications lite applications that really allow us to take the control to the full.

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