Why Android uses more RAM than iOS?

while I think that Android is better than iOS for many reasons and nuances, the more you use iOS, the more I think that Android is superior. Yes, I never said that iOS is a bad operating system, and in fact there is one thing that iOS stands out a lot, on top of Android, it is the management of the RAM memory.

Apple, iOS, makes significantly better use of the RAM that Android in and of itself and it shows in the performance of the terminals. Just look at the high-end of Android where mobile phones like the OnePlus 5 already mounted 8 GB of RAM, and the high-end of Apple’s where only, the iPhone 7 Plus, mounts to 3 GB, the iPhone 7 mounts 2 GB, etc, And yes, dramatically, the iPhone 7 with 2 GB of RAM does not work evil, for nothing, something that is more just in the case of Android.

iOS gasta menos RAM que Android

why iOS has a better performance with less RAM?

Just look at this graph, extracted from Android Authority, to see that most applications spend more memory RAM on Android than on iOS. The reason why Android uses more RAM is because the applications consume more resources to the be the system that dosed even worse shape memory RAM.

When the application enter in background, these are still spending RAM but it seems that, on iOS, the consumption of the same is more efficient.

The 3 keys of the management of RAM on iOS versus Android

  • The applications that are running in the foreground have priority to finish their tasks and change their priority, according to need, when they pass to a second plane. That is to say, if you are finishing a task cannot finish it even going into the background, asking for a time for her.
  • The applications that started your download in the foreground does not have because to paralyze their free downloads are suspended or passed to a second plane.
  • There are applications that have to operate in the background to give support to others and have a priority of the RAM suitable to work well, they may declare their support to one or more applications in a simple way.

that Is to say, iOS plans the use of the RAM in real time unlike Android where everything happens in the main thread and where all applications may be using resources that may cause lag or low performance at times. That is to say, the applications do not have a priority either assigned to, and all may be consuming resources without any sense, in some cases, especially in layers of customization, less optimized, or in the Android stock that are not Google.

it Is for this reason that the terminal Android need more RAM but not all of the layers of customization make this type of use, in Android some manufacturers make very good use of the RAM and have learned how to prioritize the tasks to their mobile devices do not suffer these delays.

Source | TechViral

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