Where can I buy the Pokémon GO Plus?

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Today we have spoken of the price of the Pokémon GO Plus, the bracelet to be a real Pokémon trainer because that in it you will receive notifications of the game and is perfect for most gamers and fans of Pokémon. If you also want to, you already know that it is not cheap, 39,90 eur. If you want to buy it, in these moments you’re going to have to do it through a reservation on the official website of Nintendo, although it is out of stock, but this could change at any time.

we Know that from one moment to another we may buy the Pokémon GO Plus without waiting and with full stock. That is why we are writing this, to tell you that right now the only official and secure to buy the bracelet is by using the website of Nintendo that let you down, but with so much commotion, they have been left without a stick.

pokemon go plus

Buy Pokémon GO Plus at the best price

This bracelet since then that it is a wonder, because the players of Pokémon GO can enjoy the game without the need of the mobile. The Pokémon GO Plus is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and by means of LED and vibration will tell the user everything that happens in the game.

This can be done with a smartwatch, but the bracelet is cool. And the fans are going to buy insurance (I’m thinking). In the end, 39,90 euro is not so much and secure that soon we can get it for less than 30 euros.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 Pokémon GO PLus.
  • 1 Bracelet.
  • Polyester.
  • With battery included.

From the following button you can book your Pokémon GO Plus:

Buy the Pokémon GO Plus

In these moments we have no way of buy the Pokémon GO Plus cheapest, but in how much comes out, we will update you with all the information.

What do you think of the bracelet? Are you going to buy?

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