WhatsApp wants you to pay the bread through your application

WhatsApp has been a serious issue almost since it was launched to the market. For the fate of their creators, have always had a company or an investor behind you to put the money. And is that the application, to day of today, does not generate benefit none. Use it at least a billion people, yes, but not having ad, do not accept donations, and does not charge the users, do not have any way of generating profit.

But that it has not mattered much up to now. And that is a very good strategy: the team in charge of developing the app and to bring it to the top as long as investors put the money. Then, when you are very well consolidated, it seeks to benefit.

is Not the same thing has happened with Twitter, for example. As the little bird blue has tried to monetize from the beginning, just that has never been profitable. WhatsApp on a principle is also charged, but since the acquisition of Facebook is not so, because in one way or another the company Zuckerberger has gained in information. And as you know, information is money.

WhatsApp for businesses to begin to try very soon

silenciar los estados de WhatsApp de otros contactos

Are about to try in India a new service for small businesses. It is not known very well yet as it will be, but most likely it is some form of that has comuicaciĆ³n between the client and the small trade, so that in addition to communicating without considered spam (now the companies can’t use WhatsApp), will be able to receive payments.

has chosen India and not another country because it is suitable for this kind of experiments: it is in a continuous growth and also accounts for 15% of use of the service. All of this is motivated, in large part, by the appointment of a new CEO, that has as main mandate to monetize your app.

If we look, since some months we are seeing as WhatsApp, to part of to be starting to focus on monetization, is moving increasingly towards companies.

Many businesses, especially apps, have a business model very clear: , companies pay for the service then the normal users have it for free, something very similar to what happens in the games that are free and also do not include ads.

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