WhatsApp: new critical vulnerability affecting millions of users in the web version

Crítica a WhatsApp web

Recently, the application of most popular instant messaging, WhatsApp, reached the figure of 900 million active users. Since then, an impressive figure that one can get close Messenger, also owned by Facebook. However, today we bring news that are not so nice, at least not for the users, who are the most affected. As we report from The Telegraph, has discovered a major security flaw in the Web version of WhatsApp , which puts at risk many of those users.

This is a vulnerability software Check Point discovered by the group, which can allow hackers enter malware in teams users , including tools for remote access, among other types, as also feared ransomwear , which “forced” to those affected to pay a ransom to return to have full control over your system and data, or robots that can affect the performance of the entire system.

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WhatsApp has already remedied

WhatsApp Web notificaciones An estimated 900 million active users per month who have WhatsApp, at least 200 million use the web platform, so this would be the number of users who are exposed to this new Vulnerability . As indicated by the source, WhatsApp has already recognized this problem and has already launched its plan solutions, updating the web version. So, all versions 0.1.4481 and above, should have corrected this serious security breach.

Therefore, it is more likely that users update WhatsApp website immediately if they have not already done so, and clear the cache of the browser to be sure that we are using already updated. To make sure if updated or are not, we simply look at the top of the column chats, and set ourselves whether we have an update notification.

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