What should I do if my mobile does not connect to the WiFi network of my house?

The majority of users, not all, have a data rate for terminals that obviously allow browse the Internet. But when you get home, try to save them by connecting to the WiFi of your property. Now, there are people who can’t connect, is a problem that occurs very often, and obviously, it has a quick solution. Make use of messaging apps which you can not remove a lot of data and sometimes the carriers give you unlimited access.

The rates are tailored to your needs and in some cases the price is based on the amount of data that is spent per month. Thus, many people who frequent this problem, they want to find a speedy solution before your rate is excessive. This problem can occur in 3 ways; when your mobile phone does not detect the WiFi network of the router, when not surfing or when subject to continuous interruptions.

Steps that you have to check for that your mobile is connected to the WiFi network of your house

We have to check several things before you give us up to the time our mobile not connect to the WiFi network.

  • First we need to look to the LED light WiFi is on, with either fixed light or flashing. In the event that no LED is turned on, the router could be turned off, blocked, or damaged. If so, you should check that the WiFi interface is disabled by accessing the router.
  • To verify that is what is happening with our WiFi you must connect the LAN cable from the router to a PC.
  • We open the browser and access to the address on the sticker of the router. If we do not see any direction, we must try with these “ or”. By default, the user and password is “admin”.

once you are inside the router, you need to check the following:

  • The WiFi network must be selected.
  • the network name (SSID) must be the same as that which appears on the sticker, which is placed behind the router.
  • The option of hide WiFi network is unchecked.
  • The selection of the channel WiFi is set to auto.

For example, if one of these cases is not met, you will need to to change them and proceed to save the changes. Then you must return to off and turn on the router to verify that the light of the WiFi network is turned on. Once you are ready, you have to search from your device the WiFi network to see if it now works or detects it.

What happens if my mobile still does not detect the WiFi network of my house?

What we recommend is that you go to a neighbor’s house and check if it connects or not. In the event that does not detect any network, the problem lies in your terminal and you need to take it to a technician. In addition, you can also check with another phone to see if it is possible to detect the network of your home. For now that is all you have to do to fix this little problem that affects many users on Android.

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