What remains Nokia, which was after its purchase by HMD Global?

Nokia returned some time ago already but did not do so in the traditional way. What did the hand HMD Global, an outside company that provided funding and other elements that made it work. Despite the fact that you think that they aren’t the same mobile… you are wrong, and from this article you will know why.

HDM Global has a lot to do with Nokia, although you may not believe

below you will know the main 4 reasons for which the mark in finland, it just keeps the name and has still a long way from what it was a few year, are you ready to know all the details?

Nokia employees have not gone to any side

This is one of the main that Nokia is still Nokia. The majority of managers who took the mark in his day were hired by HMD to keep doing what has come before. And no, this time it will not make disappear the mark (or that is what I hope).

Without going any further the CEO of the company was an important executive of the division of Nokia in Europe.

Its design is still very present

Nokia remain with them only for the street. The DNA of the brand is still very present in their models and do not need to look far to realize. One of his last stops of range, the Nokia 8 Sirocco, has the DNA of the firm will look where you look.

The photographic experience is just as good

When you think of Nokia, you come to the head of their good cameras and their alliance with Zeiss. Best of all is that they have become repeated, and not long ago bought Pure View. Still wanting to have the best of the best in your cameras and little by little they are becoming a reality.

Your software has also drunk of the best of the good years of Nokia. For example, the Pro mode of the Lumia are still present in the new generation and many more features.

The good audio quality is a priority

In some of their models have included a variety of microphones to be the best at what audio recording is concerned. This is no accident, since always Nokia have liked to highlight in this aspect and this only confirms that your priorities remain the same, don’t you think?

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Before we leave you we invite you to let us know your opinion in the comments section. do you Think that Nokia is still what it was or have been left behind?

Source | Android Authority

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