What is the situation of electronic commerce?


The trade via mobile phone has increased by 31% in the United States, up to the same online operation also adds through tablets during the past year 2013 , according to official studies suggest other fields, you want to know more details?

They Technology and run Internet universe has not just collapsed barriers information what happens in one corner of the planet or communication with our loved ones no matter where we are, but at the same time they enabled acquisition of certain goods and services that best fit our economic availability and personal preference, without the need to leave home and go to the place.

comercio electrónico

With a single click you will gain access to digtal showcase very different platforms online stores where you will find a wide selection of products, whether mobile Apple store, books, music, clothes or other, followed by a brief description of the physical characteristics of the article, its price and an illustrative picture. By adding our shopping cart or digital all desired products, will soon as we receive them at the door of our house without major complications. The send packages home can be delayed depending on the vendor or item purchased, but sooner or later we will have it without bothering to go to the physical store.

All these facilities are appreciated by a growing segment of the population, which has led many employers or managers of small businesses to present his tent digital universe to promote its goods and services interested in the eyes of billions of people who travel daily on the World Wide Web. So much so that, for example, as reported by specialized analysis firm comScore digital environment, it can be seen increase of 31% which e-commerce alternatively buy through mobile among users of the US during the first quarter of 2013.

compra online

Other particularly important data tell us, for example increase of 1% annually from trade offline relative to the major 13% Annual of trade represents an expense during the first trismestre in e-commerce via mobile disposivitos of 5900000000 when it comes to the United States.

If we focus on Spain at trade has also been supported by the users who come to this type of transaction to obtain the desired goods to increase, experts say government reports, one 20% annually shows evolution rather than pro , which will lead to the sale of small shops with little presence online network or recommendation of social networks begin to fall significantly.

Experts estimate that by the year 2017 about a phenomenon similar to that already happens in France, Japan or the United States, which means that there is an commerce will happen for every 600 inhabitants . The quality of training in new information and communication technology will make it increasingly easier buy and sell online, a field that many shops will eventually survive.

móviles de Apple

Similarly Report on Electronic Commerce in Spain shows that the fact that Spain reached the e-commerce is still growing in times of crisis, to be a good example for the bill total € 12383000 in 2012 , an increase of 13, 4% regarding 2011. Sectors such as clothing, hotels, books, tickets or banknotes They are most appreciated by more than 15, 2 million users who came to such operations in 2012 (an increase of 15% compared to 2011).

The reality of e-commerce knocking on our door now more than ever. Very few are those who can resist enjoy the benefits that such operations can offer, what about you ?, Well you select the trade

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