What is the real name of Android N?

android n nombre

The name of Android N remains a mystery for much that we believe is Android Nutella. It is clear that all the ballots are pointing to Android N as a candidate, but we don’t know 100%. Sound other names not so palatable as that of the Nutella, but what is certain is that very soon we will know the truth, despite the fact that Nutella is the one that most sounds like the name of Android N.

what Android Nutella is Android N?

it Is possible, you have to comply with the following factors:

  • we Know that it is a sweet.
  • we Know that starts with N.

If we make a list of the delicious things that start with N and are in English, it is not too large. Giving you a little of the coconut, we find the following:

  • Android Nutella.
  • Android Nut cookie / Nut cake.
  • Android Nougat.
  • Android Nompareils (another strong candidate).
  • what…?

The last, Nompareils are a set of colored dots on chocolate that has a look very good, and that hits a lot with the continuation of Lollipop and the material. What we can see in the picture below, but beware because you will want to try one. It is an interesting candidate, though hopefully not, because it is something difficult to pronounce. Best Nutella, more simple and we have already accustomed to.

nonpareilsBut let us not forget, that the guys from Google told us that we would be giving clues in his videos. When it came out Marshmallow, we saw them eating crackers and nuts, and we thought that it would be “Android Macadamia Nut Cookie“, and finally it was Marshmallow, so that it could be now Nut. Hits.

Android Nutella, is the preferred candidate by all

we will closely monitor further speculation about his name. And about the candy that start with N, there are many more, you can write them in the comments to do a long list with all the possible names of Android N.

do you Think that Android N will be called Nutella, or will it be another name?

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