What is the price of changing the screen of the Galaxy S7?

precio cambiar pantalla galaxy s7

When the Samsung Galaxy S6 hit the market we tell you what is the price of changing the screen of the Galaxy S6, an important fact to keep in mind because you never know when it is going to explode. But although the Galaxy S7 will bring little in the market, it is important that we have this information at hand to know what to do if you break the screen. We will count the price of changing the screen of the Galaxy S7, and how you can make the replacement yourself.

How to change the screen Galaxy S7 and the price

The price of changing the screen of the Galaxy S7 varies and depends on several factors, such as whether you are able to do it yourself or you have to talk to a third party. If you make it yourself, since you say that you will come out a lot cheaper but by a third party, things might go a little by the clouds, as you imagine, because you have to buy the screen, turn a profit, and the VAT is important. You can always talk with a third party if you don’t have too much idea, via the Internet or in the typical shop of the city, sure some have close. But if you decide to do it yourself, the following video will be of help.

A recommendation that you do, is that if you have to change the screen change also the touch panel. why? Because it costs a little more, and with the change it is possible that you damaged, because the screen is glued to it. But that you must judge yourself how much to suit your needs, because if you’re careful it could get out intact.

If you make it yourself and purchase all the components, it will be much cheaper as you imagine. By now, we have not found these parts on Amazon, because it does nothing that came with the Galaxy S7 and is very recent. By now, we have not found a screen in the Galaxy S7 on Amazon because it is recent, but we’ll leave you the link to help you. The price will be about 190-200 euros I imagine, screen and touch panel.

Purchase | Screen Galaxy S7 on Amazon

Remember that as in the video, to make the replacement you need to have a kit of tools suitable, in addition to the glue to the back cover which is not especially cheap. And some anti static gloves, are recommended. The procedure is long, and with this thou shalt not so much. What you have to do is add up the total price, but you will save a half more or less. If all goes well, you will need to do it with the following:

Purchase | anti static Gloves: 1 euro

Purchase | Glue to the back cover: 12,02 eur + 5,36 euros of shipping costs

Purchase | Kit tools: 6.57 euros + 4,63 euros of shipping costs

Send your Galaxy S7 to get it repaired

My Trendy Phone is one of the best places to repair your Galaxy S7 at a distance, but is quite expensive. What is that you offer a large guarantees. For the moment, we do not have it available for the Galaxy S7, because it just came out, but in the next page that will leave you sure that appears in not much time this option to repair it. The price would be around 250 euros, it is not cheap but they are professional.

reparar galaxy s7we’ll leave You the link below, because on how much to have this for the Galaxy S7, you should view the article in the link below.

Web | Change display Galaxy S7 in My Trendy Phone

On this page, you can find everything you need to repair your Galaxy S7 yourself, but also you can do them. If you do so you can you save you around 50 or 60 euros, plus the time.

generally, the screen of the smartphone is the most expensive and how much better the technology the more expensive. I already know that for this price you say that almost compensates buy a new mobile, but the S7 is a terminal of high range and your materials are very good, so the price is “fair” in so far as possible, we don’t have to. Or take care or walk with the broken.

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what You have been questions? Have you ever broken your Galaxy and do not know which to do? do Not hesitate to contact us.

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