What is the HDR of the camera of the mobile and when to use it?

The HDR serves to increase the dynamic range of a photo. That is to say, the HDR does is take 3 pictures simultaneously and combine them to offer pictures more clear in the shadows, and to achieve the picture more uniform.

In a single image can achieve a dynamic range as high as 3 different takes with different exposure levels, and that’s why the HDR does this for us. According to the dynamic range of the camera will be more or less necessary but it always comes good if we know how to use it.

When should we use HDR?

Foto en HDR

As long as the image has levels of light ends, sunsets, sunrises, etc, that Is to say, when you shoot in the middle of the day or with differences of light very high the HDR helps us.

When shooting at night it can also be interesting, especially if there are a lot of artificial light and is poisoning the decision. When in the photo doesn’t look all that we see with the eyes, it is best to use the HDR.

When should we turn off the HDR?

The HDR takes more time to do the photo and that is why it is important to turn it off if we go to photograph objects or people in motion. The HDR only goes well when the photo does not move.

In relation to selfies it is also not recommended to use the HDR to do it and it is not recommended to use HDR when shooting in events, where the environment moves.

what has become clear when to use and when not to use HDR? Now there are high-end mobile that already detect when to use or not to use HDR, when to take photos with him or just how to improve them using the HDR. In these cases you may will not amount to much but in all phones from mid-range and low yes it is necessary to control its use.

Landscape with HDR Redmi Note 4X

At the professional level the people that use HDR correctly what you do is take out the 3 photos with an exposure different and then combine them in some editing program, but our mobile is much more simple, the process is automated and each time works better, we can help to improve the shots so remarkable, especially when there is much contrast between the light and the shadow.

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