What is the cost of production of the new Google Pixel XL?

After you get to know the new handsets of the company of Mountain View, we have noted that these are not exactly cheap, although they do not have an outrageous price, given that its technical specifications are at the height of other devices with higher prices.

google-pixel-700x500 But what really is so expensive to produce this type of smartphone? Obviously, a device does not cost that much money to make, hence the income of the manufacturers. The production cost of a Google Pixel XL is around 285 dollars, about 260 euros at the exchange approximately.

The device which contains 32 GB of internal storage is sold to 769 dollars, 705 euros to change. With what Google gets 445 euros of net profit per device sold (all prices are approximate). It is logical that the price of sale of a device, either from the manufacturer that we want to think, is quite higher than that of production, but it is like everything, if not, the companies do not generate profits and are therefore not innovarían with new products.

funciones-android-nougat-google-pixelIf we talk about the costs of the components, we can see any of them individually. The most expensive part of this smartphone is the QHD screen of 5.5 inches manufactured by Samsung, which has a cost of 55 approximately € . The next component in the list is the processor, mount a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 that comes to around 45 euros.

behind these two parts we find the package of the RAM memory and the NAND memory, which cost only 23 euros. One of the components that have shocked us most has been the camera, since we are before one of the best on the market. Between the the front camera and the rear do not reach a cost of 16 euros. This low price is possible due to that the company spent quite a lot in the protection of Gorilla Glass 4, as stated from the Android Authority.

google-pixel-xl-exploded-viewTo all of this is missing add up all the costs of the other components, of which we have no data, but seeing it as well, individually, we may surprise you how inexpensive it can be to build this type of devices.

on the other hand, it is quite normal that the prices of smartphones of these features are found in these ranges, since are terminals that are very strong and the manufacturers have to generate a profit increased their sale price to the public.

What do you think about the cost of production? Do you see it balanced?

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