What is the best Android tablet 2016?

Mejor tablet Android 2016

it Is difficult to choose the best Android tablet of 2016, it is more, if we make a scale on the relationship quality / price the thing is complicated more and more. We have left aside the issue of money to choose the best tablet of the year 2016, more than anything because starting the year with the best tablet and especially taking into account that there is still kings, it would not be a bad choice.

Obviously, this will also be the best Android tablet of 2015 because 2016 is just beginning and it is still early to say which is the best Android tablet of 2016 but at the beginning of the year there will be a lot of people that need to know what is the best to buy it, since I anticipate that is not going to be a tablet economic but we also guarantee that you will enjoy the best experience in tablets in Android market.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

What is the best Android tablet of 2016?

To start the year well we are not going to be too strict and we are going to stay with two options, any of them will be a good investment and more if you anticipate that among the chosen is a Sony tablet device and another of the prestigious Samsung, two tablets of quality, both inside and out although with small nuances that take you decantarte by one or the other.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 – The most powerful and in different sizes

If you want to get to know the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is better that you go through this article where you will find to fund their technical specifications, rather than bore you with technicalities as we are going to try to explain the best and the worst of this tablet to decide, quickly, if this is the option you’re looking for. Yes, prepare for around 500 euros, because that is what it’s going to cost in the version of 9.7 inch with WiFi, 8-inch is cheaper and the version of 9.7-inch with 4G LTE a little more expensive.

The Galaxy Tab S2 is a device is very well built, has some technical specifications very good (has one of the faster processors of the panorama Android) and is complemented with some things such as a good fingerprint reader and your choice available in different screen sizes.

For many format 4:3 can be a benefit or a problem, as it is very thought-productive but this does lose a little when it comes to consuming video content and Android apps that are not adapted to tablets where the format of 16:10 or 16:9 work much better. Obviously it is not a tablet that brings a lot of added value if you already have the previous year’s model, but if you’re looking for a tablet to perform, very powerful, current, and well-designed this is your option.

strong Points of the Galaxy Tab S2

  • Screen – The Super AMOLED technology makes the screen shine on its own merit.
  • Performance – The Exynos inside can do it all.
  • fingerprint Reader – press it but it is very fast, it is very rare to see in a tablet and is a security option very important and necessary.

the worst of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

  • Things that are missing – No NFC and no FM radio. Yes, obviously they are not very necessary in a tablet and they more are missing in mobile but it will not have Samsung Pay.
  • The camera has no flash – Yes, it is true, the tablets are not to take pictures but the camera of this Tab S2 works very well in conditions of light and the thing gets when the sun goes or you go indoors.

Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet – Nice and waterproof, but nothing for cheap

The alternative from Sony is another one of those critters that you will love, no matter which option you choose, but both are the best you can find to start this in 2016. Tablets smaller have lost a lot of ground and the proposals for the 10-inch are a good option. If you want to have access to all of the specifications of the Sony Xperia Z4 here you have them. The option of Sony is not for anything financial, has a price of 600 euros.

The tablet of Sony makes its dimensions and weight are not an impediment to carry around with you all. Now, the hardware is also of the most powerful we can find, has a screen very good and his performance is impeccable. And yes, to consume media and enjoy the PS4 there are not any to speak of options, this is your option.

over all this is the protection to water and dust, you’ll be able to wash your tablet without a problem although it is certain that the IP protect of Sony is becoming more and more dubious, they will say that it is something tested in environments controlled. Yes, it is a value added to take into account. In terms of the camera people will not finish to be happy being best of the Galaxy Tab S2, but we all know that the strengths of the tablets are not cameras.

The best of the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

  • Design – it Is stylish, thin and very light. Water resistant without the covers and it is very attractive, you will love it.
  • Multimedia – Its screen and the good audio is enough to enjoy multimedia without problems.

So that we don’t like about the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

  • Software – there is no kind of adaptation to the tablets, it seems that you’re using a phone.
  • Camera – Being a camera is very decent for a tablet device will not be at the height of a phone, Sony, you could have mounted the sensor very powerful on your tablet that the reality is that it is a paxton.

To Buy Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

we May be very critical to be talking about the best tablets of Android and that is that there is not a tablet perfect but yes, if we have to condemn it for defects, these are the ones that have the least and we always have to be clear that there will be a public need and another need to find another but they are without doubt the two of the best options of an Android tablet you will find on the market.

If you’re looking for something different or at a lower price, you can always use the comments and we can help you to find something better, do you dare to ask? you can Also propose another Android tablet that you consider better than these, but we seem to the best options with different, do you think there is any better?

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