What is a Nexus the best purchase?

Nexus 6P trasera

¿it Is a Nexus the better buy? Many users make every day that question, and I am Nexus, I will give you the best reasons for you to discover if these terminals are most suitable for you. And is that each company follows a philosophy of life different, so if you like Google, you may have to buy a Nexus to get started to see the world in another way.

you Want a Nexus and you don’t know

Nexus 6 mejor precioIf you purchase a Nexus is because you want to the following:

  • A terminal with warranties that will withstand several years. The warranty Google is the best, in addition to the replacement policy is very good, because if your Nexus you fail in two days you have a new one at home.
  • Android Pure. Although there are already other brands that join the Android Pure, is a characteristic of the Nexus because it is totally clean and factory.
  • fast Updates (before any other). Without doubt the best of the Nexus is that updated very soon, are the first update. Hence to that Marshmallow is estrenase with the new Nexus 5 and Nexus 6S.
  • Updates for 2 years, support of 3. We will have up to 3 years of updates for the Nexus, and heavy, and 2 years. Which means, that the Nexus 6S to give you an idea you will get Android N (we already have) and Android O.

Stay also with the following

If any of these points gives you a little bit similar, you might have to escape the Nexus. Recall that in the last two years changed, because now also we have a Nexus of high-end.

  • If the camera matter to you: Nexus 5 or Nexus 6S.
  • plenty of Power with any Nexus.
  • More screen with Nexus 6S.
  • fingerprint Reader with either of the last two.

is great and you’ll be able to enjoy the same Android N.

What is the best Nexus? (a date of a previous year, you can’t miss it).

What do you think about these Nexus? Do you believe? Do not hesitate to tell us if you are a Nexus or why not you like them.

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