What is a mobile refurbished?

Móvil reacondicionado qué es

Many times we talk about mobile used and reconditioned, but it does not mean the same thing. There is a big difference between a mobile phone used (which we do not know how it is inside, away from what they can tell us the seller) and a mobile reconditioned (by the manufacturer leaves perfect and gives us guarantees of a year normally). We analyze more in depth which means a mobile phone refurbished:

What are the mobile or products reaconcidionados?

A mobile phone or any other product reconditioned, it may be a mobile has returned after having been purchased. This terminal, after receipt by the manufacturer is reviewed, and in the case of necessary repairs up to leave again, in order to re-sell it with all the guarantees.

Móvil reacondicionado qué significa

But it can also be a mobile phone, which has been used for exhibitions or testing, and that is really perfect, but it is not “brand new“.

Examples of mobile phones that are sold with the label of “refurbished”:

  • Mobile that a user has purchased and returned.
  • Mobile devices that have been used in exhibitions, presentations and others.
  • Mobile who have suffered some type of problem in the shipment.

And although many times we panic buy a mobile reconditioned (or any other refurbished product), it is really much better than a used one, because the company reviews it to 100% until that leaves him ready and with all the guarantees.

The only drawback of a used mobile is that we rely in any way on the seller. Many times we sell it and we say that it is perfect, but the best thing has been rooted, and has been through K. Or inside and it begins to give problems, or who knows if you have problems in the screen. In addition, if you no longer have the manufacturer’s warranty, we will be lost if something happens.

the best: the extended warranty

The best of a refurbished product versus a used one, is the guarantee. The manufacturer always includes a one year warranty, extra usually, by if something happens. But that is reconditioned does not mean that you have to go something bad, because it would be repaired, and 100 % in the case that it would have been something.

There are many good shops to buy mobile phone refurbished (besides other products). The prices are usually much lower than on a new device, so you can actually compensate in many cases. I let the link to the store of products reaconcidionados Amazon, you are sure to like.

What would you prefer, to do a mobile refurbished or used? do Not hesitate on these days in the comments, to see what possibility amount to more votes.

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