What is a device Signature of YouTube?

If you never heard about a device from YouTube or Signature until they launched the Galaxy Note 9, you’re not alone. Many people do not know that it means “YouTube Signature Device” and what is it for this certification. The first thing that you must keep in mind, is that they are all phones that meet the performance parameters imposed by Youtube and have the highest quality in order to make the experience wonderful.

In summary, it is a device that has been certified to bring you the best video quality and faster loading times in YouTube. Yes, the company test every one of them to make sure they meet specific qualifications. And in an opportunity, you gave a list of the current phones that are Signature.

This should have a mobile phone to be certified on YouTube Signature

below you are going to present several key points that you must have a device to become a Signature.

HDR Video

video playback HDR guarantees that the phone will display a greater dynamic range for all videos that support it. That is to say, you can see more details in the highlights and shadows of the video. In addition, the colors will be more vivid and realistic than any other video that does not accept this option.

Video of 360°

The support for videos in 360° is very important because it allows you to look up, down and around. Whether you’re controlling with your finger or with any device VR. In short these devices from the firm YouTube are certified to dive in the video without any kind of inconvenience.

4K Video

videos in 4K and the cameras which are beds of burn in this option are becoming more frequent. And we must tell each device to YouTube certified, has been tested to ensure that it can be decode and play videos in 4K. For this reason, you will not have any kind of concern when it comes to watching your favorite content, you’ll be seeing him as clear as the water of the sea.

High frame rates

The videos that are taken with high-frame rate appear smoother to the naked eye and are more useful for videos of action sports. In the case of YouTube Signature Device, and any video that has more than 60 frames per second.

Codecs next generation

codecs video is used to compress files of videos, making them smaller and easier to transport over the Internet. Therefore, the higher the compression, the smaller the file, and when more advanced the codec, the smaller the files but without sacrificing quality. For a terminal to be YouTube Signature, requires a hardware capability to decode 2 profiles VP9. Now secure you might wonder why are the two profiles, and you will clarify that help to convey high quality video with up to 30% less bandwidth.

digital rights Management

digital rights management or DRM is a way of copy protection and is used to protect the media from theft and defamation. Clearly YouTube is a free platform, or advertising-supported, but it also provides services for renting, buying videos, and also offers the service of YouTube TV. While all certified devices must comply with DRM protection.

These are the only parameters that must have the manufacturers to make their phones to be certified by YouTube Signature. And as you will see, there are parameters incumpibles or things of the other world, but the majority that come in are medium to high range, or stops of range.

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