What are the cards that most people use in Clash Royale?

Lately, Clash Royale is more active than ever. The SUPERCELL to bring us new events almost every week; this Wednesday I told you all about the Minidesafío of the Mosquetera. In addition, this same week Clash Royale has made some changes in the statistics of the cards, with both positive and negative changes; you can read all the info here.

So, today is the turn of the Top 5 of the cards most used in Clash Royale this 2017; the raking has been carried out on the basis of statistics published on partner sites with Clash Royale, as well as with the information of SUPERCELL hang from time to time in his account of Reddit official.

The 5-card Clash Royale most used in April 2017

Point to that this Top 5 corresponds to the changes of balance sheet of last April 19. But we believe that there will be major changes to today because the past changes of Clash Royale does not have anything to do with these letters.

  • Megaesbirro: The megaesbirro is present in virtually all of the decks of Clash Royale. It is a great ally in the defense as does a lot of damage and, in addition, it only costs 3 elixir.
  • Arqueras: another very popular game. It has a great potential and your cost of elixir is 3, so it is key in the defense of the towers.
  • Trunk: the trunk is one of the cards that more changes have suffered since his arrival to Clash Royale. It is the third most used by the users.
  • Download: a spell that nearly 100% of the users of the popular game from SUPERCELL has in their decks.
  • fireball: the TOP 5 ends with another spell; the fireball can determine a game in the last few seconds, so that the users opt for having it in their decks.

What I seem to be the cards most used in Clash Royale? Do you have any of these in your decks?

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