What are the best cards to airline of Clash Royale?

All decks professionals Clash Royale should have at least two letters airlines which are auxiliary to cover the troops on the ground. There are many dragons, and demons that can launch powers to the enemies, but not all are as efficient.

If you ever wondered what are the best cards airline, you are in the right place. The following information will show you 3 of them, and we will mention why they are so good.


it Is one of the most used by your great resistance and power. Can be generated easily as it costs only 3 of elixir, and is able to adapt to almost any deck without any problems. Its features are:

  • life Points 695.
  • Damage 258.
  • attack Speed 1.6.
  • average Speed.
  • Scope 2.

Dragon infernal

The dragon inferno is one of the letters more defensive and efficient that exist in Clash Royale. You only need 4 of elixir to summon it on the field of battle, and this is able to defend against many powerful letters as the golem, or giant. Without a doubt, is one of the dragons more resilient, considering its following features:

  • life Points 1070.
  • Damage 30.
  • attack Speed 0.4
  • average Speed.
  • Scope 3.5.

Dragon Electric

Yes, the great dragon electric that came recently to Clash Royale has become one of the best cards of the game. It is an excellent letter to evade enemies that are found in our area. You can also give a good fight with the cards that generate multiple enemies at once, and heavy foes. It costs 5 elixir, and their characteristics are:

  • life Points 831.
  • Damage 159.
  • attack Speed to 2.1.
  • average Speed.
  • Scope 3.5.

Can adapt very well to the way offense and defense depending on the type of deck. Likewise, it is necessary to know very well what cards to put with the dragon electric for everything to work excellent.

These would be the 3 best cards to airline of Clash Royale that exist so far. It is important to say, that if you have a letter, air different, and everything works fine, it is not necessary to change it for some of these. We recall that the decks are maintained by the balance of cards that you have, otherwise it would be a failure in the battles.

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