What are the 3 best survivors in the Identity V?

Each survivor in the Identity V has a different ability to achieve escape of the massacre of the murderer. We can use them in various ways, though there are some characters that do not have great skills.

Some will heal, distract, decode, or disassemble chairs, but we need to know what is the best choice. In this way, we avoid that a killer is well prepared to catch us. If you want to know what are the best survivors of Identity V, then I’ll show you.

The Doctor

The doctor is one of the survivors, most well known for his excellent skill. It is able to heal itself and to heal others with a 60% faster than normal. However, you get 2 more seconds of boost to be hit, what gives you advantage enough to escape the killer running.

Its disadvantage is that every time you jump over an obstacle, lose 15% speed for a time. Although it is not of much importance, there is to be careful at the time of escape of the murderer.


The main mission of the coordinator, is rescue the companions. Has a flare gun that can disorient the assassin, giving him time to rescue any friend who is in a wheelchair, life-threatening.

This survivor serves largely only to help the allies, as at the time of decoding machines, loses 60% speed for a moment. This can be very risky if the enemy is close, because you will have more possibilities to ensnare us.

The mind”s eye

finally, we find a blind that is not at all blind. Has the ability to to visualize the enemy constantly, and to show their location to their peers. Earn 30% speed when decoding machines, but loses 30% if it passes through obstacles.

The obstacles would be his only weakness, and the game can be easier than normal because we will know if the killer is near or far.

Is very important to take into account the character that we choose for each game, since all are useful, only we must know how to use each one of them. That’s why we recommend you always choose the survivor with the us to feel more comfortable.

¿What you think is the best survivor of the Identity V?

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