What apps are compatible with Samsung DeX?

we have spoken before of Samsung DeX. It is an accessory that seeks to to convert our smartphone into a computer, as I discussed after his presentation. It is not a new concept, but Samsung has managed to renovate it and create a lot of excitement towards the same. This Samsung DeX is especially designed for use with the Galaxy S8. And with that, be as productive as possible.

As all of the products that the Korean company launches, there is much debate about this DeX. There are those who see a hazard trying to turn our mobile phones into a computer, and there may be some truth in that. But one of the main concerns of the users focuses on the compatibility of this accessory. what Will be compatible with all applications? Do you, or will there be compatibility issues? We have some answers below.Accesorio Samsung DeX

Not all apps work on Samsung DeX

connecting to Samsung DeX, what are you going to be able to observe is that all the applications installed on your Galaxy S8 will have an icon on the screen. Therefore, it works with all the normal applications that you run on your smartphone as usual. Many of the applications have been optimized for use with DeX, in an attempt to make them more attractive for the users. While these applications work correctly, it is not so with all.

Adobe Clips, and Microsoft Office are two of the that work well, even if it is uncomfortable to use the second without an appropriate keyboard. But in case you want to use it, it works perfectly. The first, does not give problems, and you can edit videos easily. But there are some that Samsung DeX has quite a few problems. For the followers and users of Pokémon Go, to say that it is impossible to play with the game on DeX. Although it is not the only one. Spotify doesn’t work. In fact, DeX tells you that it is a problem of adjustment of size of screen. Some applications of radio stations neither seem to work.

If you want to connect a laptop to Samsung DeX is possible, although there may be problems of implementation. Especially Mac users may have a few more problems. Samsung has said that new improvements in the functioning of some applications will soon. Therefore, there is still some time until the problems compatibility of this Samsung DeX are corrected. It is a tool that can be interesting, but it is still way to go. What do you think DeX?

Source | Android Central

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