What a Galaxy S8 with built-in projector and screen curved? Here it is

Galaxy S8 diseno

Of time does very a little time that the Samsung Galaxy S7 has reached the market both in its version Edge as its normal version. We have discussed with a lot of affection for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the truth is that the phone we love (not to say that any of us uses every day of his life and each time is more happy with him).

Yes, there is that no one is obliged to speak thus of this phone but finally we have tested a mobile phone, which has no gaps as in previous years. Now, before it’s official launch of the Galaxy S8 (there is still enough time for it to come out on the market) have already started to filter prototypes of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Yes, the truth is that the samsung Galaxy S8 not know how it will be and we also don’t know what it will do to Samsung for this mobile get succeed in the market and give a reason of weight to those that have a Galaxy S7 to change mobile.

Proyector integrado Galaxy S8

Concept of Galaxy S8, a mobile precious

Of time there are no leaks official or far more, up to date all the concepts that we will see the Galaxy S8 will be manufactured by independent designers, and this Steel Drake has put us the creeps.

This time the designer does not plan to change the border Edge that characterizes the Galaxy S7 Edge, but yes it is true that the thought that there would be a curve is more pronounced and less rounded (something that does not seem to be very ergonomic, probably). I don’t like that you have put the power and volume buttons on the same side, I think that is a hallmark of Samsung that will not go away in the Galaxy S8.

in Addition to the screen curved, that would not be a novelty but change a little the way it makes the curve, the designer believes that Samsung should incorporate a micro-projector terminal, as shown in your render. It would be a key element to give the smartphone a plus of quality but also an increase in the price, certainly, and is not something necessary for all having the Chromecast on the market that allows us to see our phone into a TV for a few euros.

Cargador on air Galaxy S8In the concept also imagines a system of wireless charging that will charge your smartphone through the air (with a translator of charge through the air). It would be a evolution of the wireless charging that it already raised as a possibility but I really don’t think that the Galaxy S8 could incorporate all of this technology because it would increase the cost of development and the high final price of the device.

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