We analyze the Black Shark after testing it for a month

a few weeks Ago that Black Shark launched its mobile gamers in Europe. For those who do not know, is one of those mobile powerful, designed for the most demanding users. The Black Shark is perfect for those who want to play for hours without that the performance of the terminal is affected or that this suffers by temperature.

To avoid this, the smartphone equips a revolutionary cooling system liquid in the interior which helps to maintain the temperature. But that is not the only detail. This mobile has excellent connectivity and a gamepad dedicated that helps us to have control of the game. do you Want to know more about him? we have tested It for over a month and here we tell you what we have found.

Black Shark, a tad bigger than the mobile design but for reasons of weight

sometimes the mobile phones are larger, but this is not the case. Thanks to a little more than size (although it is handled quite well with frames, some small), we can find a finger sensor on the front (which works perfect), a connectivity of a luxury (which I will explain more below) and an excellent performance, despite the fact that let’s play for hours non-stop. Despite being A little heavier and thicker than the mobile sector, we find some advantages. So the mobile all screen do that press the edges of the same while we play, which is not the case in this.

we Also found a logo RGB on the back very carefully, which gives it a personality of its own. You’ll be amazed at the animation of the LED’s in the rear when it enters in game mode, is a factor that is very exclusive.

Specifications of the Black Shark

In the interior we find a high-end hardware:

  • Screen of 5,99-inch Full HD+, with aspect ratio 18:9 and brightness of 550 nits.
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. Your graphics, the Adreno 630, allows us to enjoy the most of any game for mobile.
  • From 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage.
  • Battery 4000 mAh with Quick Charge 3.0, perfect to play for more than 5 hours without stopping (any game demanding).

In terms of connectivity, do not worry, you have WiFi AC dual band, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, 4G connectivity 100% compatible, etc

The Black Shark is intended to play, no doubt

we Already know that not all the world uses the mobile to play for hours and hours, but it is a sector that is growing and that needs something different to the mobile conventional burning in the hand when you take 15 minutes of play.

Black Shark not heated nor when it loads, although you play it. Thanks to the fast charge is complete in a short time. Gives equal the hours you’re using, then the mobile will remain cold at all times thanks to its internal cooling.

So that we don’t liked is that does not have the faster charge on the charger that comes in the box. They could have saved costs in any other detail, this we believe to be important. To get the most out of in this sense we will need to buy an extra charger (although it costs little, it is good that we take from this).

seamless Connectivity, in all situations

one of the things that we liked is that the signal from both the 4G as the WiFi is very good. It is not like the other phones. Where a mobile has already lost the signal of the WiFi, this still has two stripes. Also with the 4G, with the benefit of an antenna perfect (we see it in the form of X in the rear). This will give us a very good coverage wherever we go. Receive WiFi as a portable high-end, not as a phone.

The reason is clear, because gamers need the best connection to to avoid delays in the connection or a high latency. Because in the games online this factor is decisive for winning.

Your gamepad is useful and how to carry

Another of the things that the mobile phone stands out for play is for your gamepad. This has surprised us, by equating the the quality of the joystick to a command console. Yes, the triggers are not the same level of quality. Even now, in its version 2.0, you can attach a part to the right of the control to enjoy the complete pack.

The only problem of this controller is that some games are not compatible. You have to make sure that the title that we’re going to play you can enjoy with the remote control, or, on the contrary we will have to resort to any other gamepad on the market.

it Is very comfortable to carry, and small enough. The only problem is that to put on there that take the bumper. We do not liked much the quality of the same, since in addition to difficulty using the buttons on the side. They could have invented a system to dock it without the bumper, that would make it more useful.

How is the experience of the phone in day-to-day?

Some may ask, what playing is all very well but… what’s on the phone? well, it is a mobile phone with the best hardware so that the performance is assured. In addition to that, enjoying a customization of Android close to native Android and that makes it move particularly fast. No problems with any game or app, it is faster than we have today.

we Also liked your game mode that optimizes the phone and removes distractions to play during hours. You can activate with a button. Your screen, on the other hand, looks really good. Has a brightness impressive, because the brightness of the half gives the feeling of being superior to many others with a level of 80%. In terms of sound there is also no drawbacks, is of good quality and quite high. The multimedia experience is one of the best that we’ve ever seen in an Android phone.

camera is acceptable. However, it is not the best in the market, since it does not stand out at all. It is right and good even to take photos of a vacation, but if you’re looking for a camera of the top 10, this is not yours. Do not expect a camera crappy, for nothing. Is going well thanks to its double lens 20 MP + 12 MP and its camera for selfies 20 MP.

is it worth it to the Black Shark?

Since then. If you are looking for a mobile to play that is officially available in Europe, this is one of the best. It is the best mobile for gamers after the Razer Phone 2, but this costs 400 euros more and there are no compelling reasons to opt for him ahead of time for the Black Shark.

Now, in the special promotion for Christmas, you can get yours for 100€ less with the joystick included. On the official website of the brand, with fast shipping, 2 year warranty and support of the brand. no tricks! what Will be your gift this Christmas?

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