Watch anime for free and in Spanish from your Android device with this application

Android has a lot of applications that allow us to consume media content without too many problems. Because in Play Store it is possible to find apps like HBO and Netflix for movies and series YouTube and Spotify for music and videos, as well as Kindle and Play Books to read books from the screen of the phone.

But, this is not so for the lovers of anime. And that is that there are few and useful apps on all free that offer content of this genre on Android. Luckily, there is an application, which is considered the best, which not only allows watch anime in English, but also allows you to do it for free.

Crunchyroll, the best app to watch anime

although this application is not new, it takes a lot of time in the Play Store, remains unknown by many. What is certain is that Crunchyroll is one of the best out there for Android, as it allows you to watch anime on your mobile in English and free. In addition, it offers a huge catalog where you can find the most popular series, as well as those that are only known within Japan.

The application already exceeds more than 25 thousand episodes and 15 thousand hours of content, which can be viewed for free just create an account. Yes, between each episode will include a small advertising that will not last more than 30 seconds. The advertising is not annoying. Although if you don’t want to see you can pay a subscription for the app to work on your Android device as if it were a sort of Netflix of anime.

How to watch anime on Crunchyroll

it Is very easy see your anime of choice in this application for Android. The only thing you have to do is to use the search and put the title of the anime that you want to display in the app. Once you find it in the results that appear on the screen, you must click on the same to be deployed to the seasons. Select the season desired, and finally the chapter, so that the same will start to play.

it should Be noted that there are a few series of anime that are in japanese and the other in English. Similarly, all allow you to activate the subtitles in Spanish if that is not available to the dubbing to the Spanish of the same.

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