Vodafone shops endearing anecdotes

Experiences , stories, photos and videos shared a smile that reflects all happiness that nest inside, a simple hug or handshake is some thousands of experiences that Apptualizadores lived in Vodafone stores Do you want to watch a funny and endearing ?, video we show you below.


There are days when dawn sky covered by dark clouds away sunlight l of our lives, which leads to our face to take a picture of hopelessness and sadness. But despite darkness and pessimism that often got up every morning, is the fact that one of the biggest gifts of our lives comes to us when we met with another person cheerful spirit, which is contagious exuberance and enthusiasm to fulfill their dreams.

His conversation about how he enjoyed every moment of your life, either together with their friends, children, grandchildren or partner, allow us to be witnesses said the hard times and others like us have experienced with the passage of time. They movements of complicity and gratitude follows all these words are what the professionals Vodafone stores along with many of his clients have lived in recent years.

called apptualizadores , ie experts in the field Technology that are at your disposal at very different outlets Vodafone to advise you on everything you need and update your smartphone to the latest market requirements become major players in the new video for Vodafone.

They share with us the many experiences that have lived together with their clients within their stores . All this video endearing message ey disregards all the cold that can symbolize technology to approach it more human and emotional side of workers Vodafone we have.

apptualizadores de Vodafone

During a total three years has collected many stories within the four walls of shops known company that we now bring on a summary 1 minute and 21 seconds long.

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