Vodafone allows you to give GB this christmas

Vodafone regala GB

Vodafone is one of the phone operators and the leader in Spain, is more, it is unlikely that Vodafone do not throw any promotion interesting for christmas and although last year allowed to enjoy GB free for 2 euros this year also launched a promotion interesting.

This year Vodafone launches the promotion gives GB and allow you to give away 1 GB for only 2 euros and, at the same time, 1 GB free at the same time that we give it away. In this way, with 2 euros we got 2 GB or 2.5 GB (keep reading to see how to get more GB for the same money), 1 GB that we are giving away and 1 GB or 1.5 GB for us.

Regalar GB App Vodafone

How to give away GB on Vodafone?

you Can activate the service with the combination *555# and pressing the call key. Now, it is ideal to not do so, but download the app My Vodafone or the app, My Fiber Ono and give it away from there, because instead of earning 1 GB will win 1.5 GB for the same money.

From the App of My Vodafone you can even ask friends that give you GB. When you activate the promotion the other user will receive an SMS that will notify you of who has given it to 1 GB. And yes, you’ll be able to check the consumption of these GB from the client area.

  • ¿Who can give away GB? – All the particular customers of contract mobile tariffs since November 2012. All customers ONO Mobile.
  • Who can receive GB? – A mobile customer of Vodafone (individual, business, prepaid or postpaid), a mobile client ONO (except lines with SIM mobile ONO who cannot receive the gift of customers to Vodafone).
  • Until when they can give and enjoy GB? – The promotion allows you to send GB free from December 15 until January 7, 2106 (both included) and can enjoy until January 31, 2016.
  • how Much does it cost to give away 1 GB? – will Cost 2 euros each GB given away and a user will be able to give away 5 GB, nothing more. Yes, there is no limit of GB received. This means that for 2 euros each you can get 2.5 GB each, 5 GB for only 4 euros, it is a good deal if you need GB this christmas.
  • can Be receive GB free no limit and can even cancel the GB received but the you want.

we Believe that with all this I have not been in doubt. For give away GB through the app My Vodafone so it is only necessary to have it downloaded and access the section Promotions where you will find the promotion to give away GB, in which you can enter the phone number and give GB easily.

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