Vivo XPlay 6: The mobile the best-designed of 2016

a long time Ago that it is possible to buy the Vivo X5 Play but now the firm VIVO has gone a step further and has introduced a new device, the Live X6 Play. This new device is announced an official and what is certain is that it has a very good pint.

VIVO XPlay 6 is like a flagship hipervitaminado, the idea of LIVE is to launch the best mobile in the market with more RAM, better processor and less thickness but this time the XPlay 6 is different, has a few specifications normal but if the design goes far beyond that.


VIVO XPlay 6: The design makes the difference

This time the VIVO XPlay 6 has a very attractive design even though your display does not exceed 5.5 inches with a resolution QuadHD, that remains in a 5,46 inches but with a double curve (like the Edge of Samsung) and termination 2.5 D

unlike the other devices with the curved screen, the Vivo XPlay 6 has a rear panel made of aluminum and it offers the best ergonomics although its thickness 5,92 mm and its battery 4080 mAh claim that it is possible to launch a mobile fine and with a very big battery. This is the secret, mortise a battery 4080 mAh is a mobile of less than 6 millimeters thick.

4080 mAh battery 5,92 mm thick

To complete the specifications nor do we have a hardware bad, quite the contrary. Carries in its interior a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage.

In the rear mounts a dual camera of 12 MP with Sony sensor IMX362, a front camera of 16 MP and finger sensor in the home button. It only remains for us to speak of the USB Type-C takes, and yes, we are one of the best designs in phones that we have seen to date.

LIVE says its dual camera is also not for anything bad, has put many efforts because take a stunning photos and will be placed as one of the best devices of the year, but its price in China is 600 euros at the exchange which means that will cost us about 700 euros to bring to Europe. We are going to look for the purchase link and ofreceroslo soon.

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